Rolling To Recovery, A story of a 23 year old colon cancer survivor Molly Mc Master, who is now raising awareness for the disease among young people.  

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The Colossal Colon went on it's twenty-city national "Check Your Insides Out for Colorectal Cancer" Tour with the Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation and thanks to Roche Pharmaceuticals.


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The Colossal Colon treks across the country to Palm Springs, California, to meet its sponsor for the 2003 Colossal Colon Tour, Roche Pharmaceuticals. Click here for pictures.


Hackensack University Medical Center hosts the Colossal Colon for a one-day women's health fair. Special thanks to Donna Sanzari. Click here to see what the North Jersey Health News has to say about it.


The Colossal Colon makes an appearance at the NYS Fair in Syracuse, NY with the NY Apple Association.


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Katie Couric, Hannah and Molly

On March 20th, 2002, Katie Couric made good on her promise, by covering my latest "crazy" awareness raising scheme the Colossal Colon.  This is Katie, interviewing Amanda's cousin, Hannah, and I.  


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Maggie Tierney, Molly McMaster and the Adirondack Scenic crew in front of the colon on opening day, March 6th 2002
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Molly crawling through the colon

Through March 30th, the Colossal Colon will be on display at Aviation Mall, Glens Falls, NY.


Colossal Colon Construction Progress
Follow the progress of Adirondack Scenic, building the colon.



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Colossal Colon - I'm blaming Katie Couric for this one!!! When Katie interviewed Amanda and I on the Today Show in November 2001, she told me to let her know if I was planning anything crazy for Colon Cancer Awareness Month (March 2002). Of course, the wheels started turning, and I decided to build a colon! Approximately 40 feet long and 4 feet tall, and filled with polyps and cancer, it will be an educational tool like no other! 

To donate to the Colossal Colon now, click here.


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The Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Torch came through town, and I was chosen to be a Chevy torchbearer by Amanda Sherwood.  The day was incredible and I can't believe that I was a part of it.  The only thing I would have changed would be to have Amanda there with me.


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Me, Katie Couric and Amanda's cousin, Hannah.

Amanda Sherwood and I were on the Today Show with Katie Couric, to tell our stories and keep spreading awareness of colon cancer.  Our message was simple.  Know your body.  Know the symptoms and what they mean.  Be persistent with your doctor, no matter what your age, sex or race.  And when you get older, get tested.  It could save your life.  


I ran the New York City Marathon for the New York Apple Association to help them raise the awareness of New York Apples and their cancer fighting qualities, as well as to keep raising awareness for my own cause. I Finished in 5:28:30, no record time, but then again, I've never liked running!


Rolling To Recovery- I inline skated from Glens Falls, New York, to Greeley Colorado, and raised over $60,000 for the American Cancer Society, The Cancer Center at the Glens Falls Hospital, and the Sunflower Fund.

I've also spoken for many National Service Organizations, both the Girl and Boy Scouts of America, many elementary, middle and high schools, and numerous cancer awareness events, including the American Cancer Society's Kickoff Dinner at George's Restaurant in Lake George, NY. 

So far, my story has been featured on over a dozen news programs, including the "Today Show," as well as articles in Parade Magazine, SELF Magazine, American Hockey Magazine, Mademoiselle Magazine, The American Cancer Society Annual Report, numerous local and national newspapers, and "WPLJ's Scott and Todd in the Morning Show." I'm not done yet. I will continue to tell my story to anyone who will listen, and my hope is that no one will be afraid to talk about colon cancer anymore.  

Disclaimer: This website is not intended for medical advice. Molly McMaster is not a medical professional and can only tell about her own experience as a colon cancer patient.
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